“In March, I embarked on my NEIEA class journey with excitement. The course offered a chance to learn without cost and gain knowledge. The instructors, Sree Kutty Ma’am, Zeba Ma’am, and Danish Ali Sir, were inspiring, especially Sir’s English skills and his signature address, “GUYS.”
With creative colleagues like Sharfun Ji, Naqwi Ji, Farhat Jahan Ji, and others, the classes were engaging. Memorable incidents included supporting a classmate whose grandmother was unwell and a hilarious moment involving Sulaiman Ji.
My niece’s playful insult during my poem presentation brought laughter and surprise. As the course concluded, we expressed gratitude and will miss the camaraderie. Sir shared a beautiful story, reminding us to think positively.
This NEIEA class was a wonderful experience, and I eagerly await the next level.”

Shaista Parveen Begum
Shaista Parveen Begum

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