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NIOS English

NIOS English

Students preparing for a secondary examination through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) including madrasa students, marginalized sector and school dropouts who may have missed out on formal education because of various reasons.

Must be over 14 years of age and a citizen of India for NIOS Examination

For our classes, he or she should have a good internet connection & a mobile or a laptop

The NIOS English syllabus typically covers the following key components

Reading Comprehension

Students are exposed to a variety of texts, including prose, poetry, articles, and essays. They are required to read and comprehend the given passages, identify main ideas, supporting details and draw inferences from the text.

writing skills

Writing Skills

This section focuses on developing students' writing abilities by teaching them various types of writing formats such as formal letters, informal letters, essays, reports, and creative writing. Emphasis is given to proper sentence construction, grammar usage, vocabulary, and coherence in writing.


The English syllabus includes an in-depth study of grammar rules and structures. Students learn about tenses, parts of speech, sentence patterns, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, conjunctions, and other essential grammar concepts.



Students are encouraged to expand their vocabulary through exposure to new words, idioms, and phrases. Learning new words helps them express themselves more effectively and improves their comprehension skills.

Oral Communication

This section focuses on developing students' speaking and listening skills. It includes exercises for improving pronunciation, intonation, and overall fluency in English. Students may be required to participate in group discussions, debates, and presentations.

English Literature


The syllabus may include selected literary works like poems, short stories, or excerpts from famous novels. This introduces students to various literary genres and helps them appreciate the beauty of language and literature.

Comprehension Exercises

Throughout the syllabus, comprehension exercises are included to assess students' understanding of different texts. These exercises may include multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and essay-type questions.

neiea math course

For Individuals

neiea individual student
  • Gear up with just a mobile, desktop, or laptop and an internet connection to embark on this adventure.
  •  Create an email account or use your parents email id if attending individually and connect with us for seamless communication.
  •  Dedicate just one hour daily, for three months, and watch your language skills soar to new heights!
  •  Achieve 85% attendance and showcase your completed assignments to earn a well-deserved certification.

For Institutions

MV Foundation
  •  Elevate the learning experience with a smart class setup or an impressive LED screen.
  •  Ensure a stable internet connection to facilitate smooth interaction.
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