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Foundation Maths Course

Foundational Mathematics forms the basis for a child’s Mathematical education, and adopting effective pedagogical approaches can greatly enhance their learning experience. Discourse-oriented pedagogy, centred around meaningful discussions and interactions, offers a powerful framework for learning foundational Mathematics from 6th to 8th grade.

  • Active Engagement
  • Meaningful Learning
  • Developing Mathematical Skills
  • logical Communication Skills
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking and Problemc Solving
  • Promoting a Supportive Learning Environment
  • Bridging Mathematics with Real-World Applications

Discourse-oriented pedagogy provides a dynamic and effective approach for learning foundational mathematics from 5th to 7th grade. Students gain a deep understanding of Mathematical concepts and acquire valuable skills for lifelong learning.

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For Individuals

neiea individual student
  • Gear up with just a mobile, desktop, or laptop and an internet connection to embark on this adventure.
  •  Create an email account or use your parents email id if attending individually and connect with us for seamless communication.
  •  Dedicate just one hour daily, for three months, and watch your language skills soar to new heights!
  •  Achieve 85% attendance and showcase your completed assignments to earn a well-deserved certification.

For Institutions

MV Foundation
  •  Elevate the learning experience with a smart class setup or an impressive LED screen.
  •  Ensure a stable internet connection to facilitate smooth interaction.
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