The New Equitable and Innovative Educational Association Is an initiative led by a group of professionals and educationalists and dedicated supporters bringing a ‘Renaissance’ in the field of education using cutting edge technological tools and best teaching practices to scale education to new frontiers .


To envision a society where all youth and citizens, irrespective of caste, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, race and region are able to obtain good quality education and use this to transform society ensuring sustained human welfare and progress


To provide good quality and innovative education to all segments of society with high consideration given to providing free education to the poor.


The New Equitable and Innovative Educational Agency (NEIEA) aka NEI is led by a group of professional educationists and supporters dedicated to advancing educational goals advocating quality-embedded education with innovative pedagogy, inclusive cultural constructs, and cutting-edge technology. It is also a “Knowledge sharing platform” for Educational Institutions, Professional colleges, Management Institutes, and other Skills Development Centers. It seeks to be a transformative educational agency prioritizing the education of the weaker and marginalized segments of society.

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  • Final Seniority List of Non-Teaching Employees Prasaranga - Inviting Quotation for Book Print
  • Final Seniority List of Non-Teaching Employees Prasaranga - Inviting Quotation for Book Print
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To begin with, we can have a series of activities which I would like to call as ‘bridging the gap activities’. The objective is to instil confidence in the learners by helping them construct a few primary discourses such as descriptions, conversations and narratives. This is done through interaction based on a theme picture. Let us see the classroom process for this.

Dr K N Anandan a

Dr K N Anandan

Co-founder and Guru

KN Anandan (born in 1949 in Tirur, India ) is an Indian Linguist, ELT specialist and social activist.

Teacher Training

The teachers at the secondary center will be initially trained for a period of one month at the premises of the Lead Center. Subsequently the local Teachers will have the benefit of seeing the Mentor Teachers teach their students and, in the process, will be trained each day. There will be interaction each day after school between the Mentor Teacher and the local teachers to coordinate the next days lesson plan.  The local Teachers will be provided with ongoing Lesson plans to prepare themselves ahead of the class.

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Stella Jones

Bio, Teacher

Carlos Hughes

Math, Teacher

Chloe Newts

History, Teacher

Girls Education

Exclusive schools for girls are preferred by some parents. This sector covers schools providing Girls education.These schools will hire lower-level Teachers and install Computer Labs and Infrastructure in their institutions. These teachers will be trained by the Mentor Teachers on a daily basis as they follow the lessons beamed from the Lead center.

Madrasa Education

Madrasa education caters to the religious learning of a section of the Muslim students (between 3-4% of the youth). The Madrasas need to comply with NEP formulations as well as allow its students to Mainstream so they can avail all the opportunities that other students have.

MOOC Technology

NEIEA has adopted MOOC (massive open online course), a web-based distance learning program, for scaling eduction to hundreds of thousands of students simultaneously, covering geographically dispersed students.