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Slum Children

"NEIEA: Empowering Slum Children through Education"

Around 20% of the Indian urban population lives in slums. The high congestion and lack of civic amenities and opportunities make the slum children grow fast, become street-smart and develop talent. If properly utilized, the students can become a great asset to society.   NEIEA works to educate people living in slums, helping them overcome poverty and promoting empowerment. We aim to break the cycle of poverty, uphold the children’s basic rights, and contribute to community development. NEIEA is driven by empathy, social justice, and the goal of preventing exploitation. Through education, we are building capacity, promoting sustainable development, and creating a more equitable society for all.

Towards this we work with UMEED GROUP, under the leadership of its illustrious leader Dr Mohsin Raza, that fosters the education of slum children in 17 localities of Aligarh city in U.P.

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