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Homeless Children

NEIEA provides education to homeless and orphaned children. We aim to empower them, restore their dignity, and break the cycle of homelessness by increasing their chances of finding stable employment and improving living conditions. NEIEA intends to promote social inclusion, prospects, and reduce vulnerability to exploitation. NEIEA’s sense of social responsibility drives us to create long-term positive changes in the lives of homeless children, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

We work with RAINBOW, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter and education for homeless children. Rainbow Foundation India focuses on reaching and caring for the most marginalized children. It aims to create a movement of compassionate care for the dispossessed, ensuring every child’s rights to a safe home, food, education, and comprehensive care.

We also work with Mamidipudi Venkatarangaiya Foundation (MVF) towards providing education to orphans and to children who come from poor families (below the poverty line). MVF focuses on universalizing education and has mainstreamed over 1 million children from labor to formal education up to class 10. Recognized internationally, it supports teachers through the Teachers Forum for Child Rights and employs Residential Bridge Course Camps for reintegration.

homeless children
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