NEIEA Vision & Mission​

Our Vision

To envision a society where all youth and citizens are able to obtain good quality education and use this to transform society ensuring human welfare, sustainability, and progress

We aspire to create, leverage, and implement disruptive, innovative, and sustainable educational practices and policies in India and other places where our Vision and Mission and model of education can be applied. We aim to utilize state of the art technology structures for furthering educational goals, build intellectual capital, and enable transformative and equitable global citizenship for all marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society.

The initiatives of the NEI shall support and augment the Indian laws of Right to Education (RTE) and the New Educational Policy (NEP) as well as the policies and laws pursued by the UN’s educational agencies and that of reputed global educational institutions.

Our Mission

To provide good quality and innovative education to all segments of society with high consideration given to providing free education to the poor.

The NEI seeks to apply Disruptive, Innovative, Ideation Creative and Adaptive future-oriented sustainable technologies to effect transformative changes. It will apply qualitative delivery methodologies to enhance educational services and produce advanced learning outcomes for all individuals ensuring equity in education. It will foster growth, advancement, fraternity, national integration, employment, entrepreneurship and contribute to the national and global economic, social and political growth.

Education First

Prioritise  the education of the Poor and provide FREE learning as much as possible.

Our Leadership

Mr Javeed Mirza


Ms Tahseen Sakina


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