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NEIEA is dedicated to providing quality education for FREE to all. Alone we can do little together we can do so much Invest in education. Donate generously. Transform lives.

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You can donate us through Net Banking:

Account Name : New Equitable Innovative Educational Association
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Kakatiya Nagar, Hyderabad
A/C NO: 41003616136


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,you can.
Amount: Rs 100/month
Payment Method: You have the flexibility to set up a recurring monthly bank transfer or conveniently make payments through our secure online portal on our website.

Yes,you can.
Amount: Rs 1000/year
Payment Method: Choose the hassle-free option of an annual bank transfer or utilize our user-friendly online payment portal.

Yes,you can.

  • Rs 500: Sponsor one student for a transformative 90-day course.
  • Rs 2000: Empower a student to access all Foundational courses (English, Math, Science) for an entire year.
  • Rs 5000: Provide comprehensive help to a single student to excel in all five subjects essential for the NIOS Xth-grade exams over the span of one year.
  • Rs 70,000: Contribute to the creation of an IT-enabled classroom, revolutionizing education.
  • Rs 1,00,000: Support a Senior Teacher’s salary for 3 months, nurturing the future of education.
  • Rs 2,00,000: Foster innovation by assisting in the development of DOP-based modules for a subject course, with 3 dedicated Teachers working for 2 months.

Course/Project Naming:
Institutions/Non-profit Organizations: You can sponsor an entire course and have it proudly bear the name of your organization, a symbol of your commitment to education.
Philanthropists: Choose to sponsor a course and have it named after a beloved person, forever honoring their legacy.

Information for Sponsors:
As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates on the progress of the learners, along with detailed reports.
NEIEA maintains transparency, and our income and expense sheet is accessible for donors and stakeholder  to review.

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