Empower Through Education: NEIEA's Crowdfunding Campaign for Marginalized Students

Welcome to NEIEA’s transformative crowdfunding campaign, dedicated to breaking down barriers and making quality education accessible to all. In a world where educational opportunities are often limited for marginalized students, we invite you to be a catalyst for change. Join us in our mission to empower 50,000 underserved students and 5000 untrained Teachers through five free online courses, designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s digital age.

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Our Courses

Teacher's Professional Development Course

This course will teach discourse oriented pedagogy, technologies required for conducting online classes, and build professional teaching skills.

Mathematics Beginners Level Course

We aim to lay the groundwork for mathematical competence, ensuring students have a solid grasp of mathematical concepts.

Mathematics Proficiency Level Course

This course will provide a higher level of competence and understanding for students looking to advance their mathematical skills.

Science Preparatory Course for NIOS Board Exams

This comprehensive course will offer support in science-related subjects, helping students prepare for board exams with confidence.

Skills training courses

This includes Data Entry and Operations Beginners Level Course, Canva training, and Google suite training. This course will introduce students and teachers to practical skills in data entry and operations, empowering them for real-world applications.

Empower Dreams, Transform Lives: Join Our Innovative Educational Revolution!

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To turn our vision into reality, we need your support. Our crowdfunding campaign aims to raise funds for course development, implementation, and related expenses. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of 50,000 marginalized students and 5000 Unskilled Teachers, bridging the educational gap and creating a brighter future.

Your generous contributions will fund crucial aspects such as salaries for educators, team leaders, mentors, and volunteers, as well as educational equipment, operational expenses, and community-related activities.



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