Mastering Google Workspace in 45 Days

Unlock the full potential of Google Workspace with our comprehensive 45-day training program. Dive into a hands-on learning experience covering essential tools for collaboration, productivity, and effective communication.

Tools Covered

  • Google Docs: Collaborative document creation and editing.
  • Google Drive: Efficient file management in the cloud.
  • Google Sheets: Data analysis and visualization.
  • Google Forms: Form and survey creation.
  • Google Meet: Seamless virtual meetings and collaboration.
  • Google Classroom: Transforming online education.
  • Google Slides: Crafting captivating presentations.


  • 45 Days: A structured program designed for in-depth learning.
  • Frequency: Monday to Saturday.
  • Session Duration: 1-hour sessions for focused and effective training.

Our commitment to your growth and development.

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