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English Beginner's Level course

Where language learning becomes a thrilling journey of self-expression and growth! Unlock the power of interactive learning and communication in our innovative course.

Here is the good news for Students:

Eligibility criteria:

  • Anyone with an understanding of Reading and Writing elementary English can apply for this course.
  • Anyone of age 10can join this course.
nios beginners course

Delve into a world of self- captivating activities

such as

  • self-talk
  • family descriptions
  • engaging conversations
  • picture descriptions
  • delightful rhymes
  • enchanting songs
  • heartfelt poems
  • compelling narratives based on videos
  • personal experiences

For Individuals

neiea individual student
  • Gear up with just a mobile, desktop, or laptop and an internet connection to embark on this adventure.
  •  Create an email account or use your parents email id if attending individually and connect with us for seamless communication.
  •  Dedicate just one hour daily, for three months, and watch your language skills soar to new heights!
  •  Achieve 85% attendance and showcase your completed assignments to earn a well-deserved certification.

For Institutions

MV Foundation
  •  Elevate the learning experience with a smart class setup or an impressive LED screen.
  •  Ensure a stable internet connection to facilitate smooth interaction.
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