“Kick off with greetings
I am Shaik Azhar Shareef, currently dwelling in Hyderabad Rajendra Nagar.
I am pursuing (computer) final year from Osmania University. Anyway, I have completed Board of Secondary Education in English medium. However, I wasn’t speaking manifestly in front of people, relatives, strangers. When I used to speak I was hesitating & fearing.

Today I would like to thank (NEIEA) New Equitable Innovative Educational Association. For the reason behind that, it has provided me a splendid quality English speaking i.e group discussion, refined error, augment talent, eradicate fear, debate many more etc.

Before that I had attended many programs to enhance my speaking skill like Task(Telangana academy skill knowledge), online webinars. After at all, One of the teacher’s suggested to me to join English institute. I joined & focused on English (L,S,R,W) technique. Meanwhile allahumdulilah I got many things. However still I faced a hurdle, interacted with people.

Subsequently I have seen neiea from siasat ads. I haven’t believed this platform has provided cost less for English proficiency. Eventhough I have joined, it was providing me a better English proficiency with interaction learning.

As a result to be totally up front it’s brilliant, superb as compare to another platform. It is playing very prominent role in our India.

Moreover it’s not only providing proficiency in English, on top of that mentor’s are doing encourage us, always give an equal opportunities to all, motivate us etc.

I reckon everyone is taking advantage of this platform to enhance skill, vocabulary etc.

Atlast Once again I would like to thank (NEIEA) group, additionally I really appreciate with all your help our mentor Taskeen Tarranum Mam. For this valuable help be grateful.”
Thank you 👍

Shaik Azhar Shareef

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